Welcome to THE TWISTED SISTA BLOG! My creative juices have been running on overload and I am floored to show off what I have and what's to come. Back stage peeks to an exclusive, one of a kind swim suit line, poolside cover-ups, exquisite handmade bodysuits, along with the most remarkable handcrafted jewelry, custom-made hand bags, an original shoe, dress, and couture line from abroad, a fabulous beauty and hair line, lifestyle, glamour, and wellness tips, as well as a unique look into interpretations on body art, hair-dresses, photography, music, dance, interior design, all artwork, and fashion itself. I am a "rolling stone," and travel will give me access to the newest trends for the upcoming seasons in all areas of interest.  I am confident you will want to tune in daily with the anticipation of the unique twists on "DRESSING OUT LOUD!" I know you will be hooked! Be sure to constantly flip through each blog page as new things are being added daily!


About Me...Caitlin

Always ready to "live and dress out loud," I beat to my own drum and my fashion sense shows it. My playful approach to my chic and chameleon style, always mixed with a bit of edge and rock n roll, will keep you wanting more. I also "twist," things up with my taste for timeless fashion along with my keen eye for one of a kind pieces. I revel in the vintage Chanel, as well as the newest trend and I am always ready to discover a new find! Be unafraid and daring to deem your own joy in life and buckle up and accompany me on an adventure to help both aspiring and fashion aficionados find the most off beat, sophisticated, and unique savoir-faire, as well as tips from around the world. My mother's tongue is German, so you just might discover yourself inside my secret European adventures and privy to fashion finds only "I" can share! Stay tuned...

The Twisted Sista Blog


The Twisted Sista Blog is a "twist" by one sister comparatively, demonstrating the fabulousness of bridging the gap between all ages and illustrating we can all equally "DRESS OUT LOUD" in fashion, photography, music, art, travel, wellness, lifestyle, and dive into the unknown and so much more! It's Joie de Vivre! Hear the roar! Come along and stay tuned as the journey unfolds. In the interim and during the fine-tuning of my blog,you can contact me at the email below and be able to purchase, book, find, and enjoy all you see!!! Just come to me!  I will also be working on opening an online store! So, stay tuned.

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